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Boarding Versus Hiring a Pet Sitter: Which Should You Choose?

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Some people prefer having someone stay with their dog inside of their own home. Others prefer to board their dogs within a boarding facility. What's the best option for you and your pup? It really depends a lot on your dog and their temperament.
Most Homes Aren't Completely Pet Proof
Have you ever come home to the trash can tipped over and trash strewn throughout the house? Most homes aren't complete pet proof, which means a dog can get into a lot of things if you leave them to their own devices.
Most pet sitters aren't going to stay the entire time; they'll just pop in to take care of the pet once in a while. That means there's plenty of time for accidents to occur, and it may be a while before someone notices.
Boarding your pet is usually the safer option, especially for young puppies and elderly dogs who may need extra care. Boarding means someone is always around to notice if your pet needs help and your pet can't get into anything.
Pet Boarding Is Generally More Reputable
Boarding means you're interacting with a company that has dozens of customers at any given time. If you find one with a good reputation, you know that your pet is going to be well taken care of. In fact, some pet boarding facilities even have a camera so you can check on your pet at any time of day. You can watch your pup play with other dogs, make sure they are getting fed, and even see when they're being walked.
Pet sitters may not come with as many recommendations or may not be under as much scrutiny. As pet sitters work alone, there won't be another person around to ensure that your pets are being walked and fed at the right time. It can also be very hard to find a pet sitter, whereas a boarding facility just needs to be scheduled in advance.
A Boarding Facility Offers Interaction
Some dog boarding facilities are a lot like dog daycare. Dogs are able to play with other dogs as long as they have all their vaccines, which will distract your pet from missing you and provide some much-needed socialization. If you only have one dog, your dog may get lonely waiting for you to return if they just have a pet sitter around. If you have multiple dogs, of course, the loneliness is lessened.
You Can Purchase Live-In Pet Sitting
You can have a pet sitter stay with your pet full time in your house. That may be the best and most ideal choice for some pets, as they will still be in their home environment and will still be looked after. This option also has the advantage of securing your home, as people won't know that you're gone. Live-in pet sitting is often best for very long trips, as it will be less disruptive to your pets.
However, the core problem with live-in pet sitting is that it tends to be prohibitively expensive. To hire a live-in pet sitter, you generally have to pay them for all the hours that they are going to be there, in addition to providing food. A live-in pet sitter can be many times the cost of pet boarding, which provides nearly all of the same benefits except for being out of your house.
Are you still not sure which option is best for you? Talk to a professional about your needs and about your dog's temperament to help you decide. Contact the friendly professionals at Elite Dogs Training and Boarding to figure out what the best option is for you