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Does Your Dog Jump Up on You? What to Do About It

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Some dogs get too excited when their owners come home or when someone comes to the door. When this happens, many of the dogs will jump up on the first person to walk through the door. Knowing what to do and how to stop your dog from repeating these behaviors can help you raise a more agreeable and enjoyable pet. 
Training Option 1: Practice Coming In and Out of the House
Many dogs need to practice good behavior in order to get it right. After coming home from an absence, walk in the door and wait for your dog to run up and jump on you. When your dog jumps, turn and walk out of the house, shutting the door behind you.
Open the door a crack and tell your dog to sit. When your dog sits, walk back in and repeat the process. Do this until your dog no longer jumps up on you, and then give your dog a reward of positive attention.
Training Option 2: Wait It Out
When your dog jumps up on you, stand straight and cross your arms over your chest. Look straight ahead (not at your dog) and say to the dog calmly but firmly to sit. Stand stiff without bending down or petting your dog. As soon as your dog stops jumping, reward your dog with a pleasant greeting. Do this every time you come home until your dog stops jumping.
Learn These Tips for Success
Regardless of the training option you choose, you're more likely to have success in your endeavor if you follow the tips below. 
Teach Your Dog to Sit First
Your dog needs to understand the basic commands of sitting before you teach it not to jump. Practice sitting many times until you're sure that your dog understands this command completely. 
Contain Your Excitement
Your dog learns by observing your behavior. If you act very excited to see your dog when you walk in the door, your dog will be very excited in response. If you're calm, your dog will be calm.
Contain your excitement and act like your homecoming is no big deal. Avoid raising your voice, hugging your dog's chest, making wild gestures, or jumping up and down. Doing this only encourages your dog to be more excited for your arrival. 
Provide Rewards Only When Your Dog Does What You Want
Your dog wants attention - that's why all the jumping happens. Therefore, attention is a reward. Never reward your dog will positive attention until the behavior you dislike has stopped. Over time, your dog will start to understand.
Train With Others
Your dog may learn quickly not to jump up on you when you come home, but your dog may still jump up on your guests. Get a few friends or family members to come to your home and practice walking through your door until your dog has learned not to jump up on them as well. 
Get Started With Obedience Training Today
Dogs that jump up on people can cause a variety of problems, including injuries. If your dog frequently jumps up on others, correct the problem as soon as possible.
If you have had limited success training your dog, contact an obedience trainer in your area. A good obedience trainer can show you how to prevent your dog from jumping on others while also showing you how to correct other behaviors that you find less than ideal. 
If you have more questions about how to deal with your dog's jumping problem, contact Elite Dogs Training and Boarding. We'll be happy to answer all your questions and get you started on the right path for behavior correction.