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Boarding Facility in Sacramento

Our kennel building features five feet by twenty feet indoor/outdoor kennels. Dogs are free to go in and out as they please. The kennel building is fully heated and air-conditioned. In addition, we also have indoor-only kennels for dogs who prefer to be inside.
Dogs in our care are let out to exercise several times daily. Over the years our clients have lovingly referred to us as "Dog Med." We request that our clients bring in their own food. Bring enough food for the dog's stay (better too much than too little). Some dog's appetites may increase due to the amount of physical activity they receive while in our care.
Clients may bring treats such as pig ears, doggy biscuits or Knuckle Bones. We will not give Rawhide to the dogs in our care. Rawhide can be a dangerous treat if the dog is not under direct supervision. Clients may also bring one or two durable kennel toys such as a Plaque Attacker or Kong. Toys and treats can be purchased at Elite Dogs at very reasonable prices.
We will be glad to medicate your dog. Bring any medications your dog needs during their stay, such as Heartguard, Program, Advantage or any prescribed medications. We do ask that you leave the medication or vitamins in the original container, and please do not separate into daily pill containers or transfer into plastic bags.
We can provide dog blankets. But, if you prefer, you may bring a blanket or dog bed from home.


  • One dog - $32.00 per day
  • Two dogs - $46.00 per day (*Only dogs who live together can stay together.)
*Please inquire about our peak-season rates between May 27th-September 2nd.

Extra Services

All dogs get plenty of exercise, stimuli and attention with the basic boarding program. However, if the typical exercise times per day aren't enough, and for dogs staying a while or just for the fun of it, we do offer additional activities such as:
  • Swimming, Fetch, Bubbles and Other Games
  • Daily Brushings (price can vary)
  • Training Sessions (for dogs who have already completed a training program or are enrolled)

Group Play

If you would like your dog to have a group experience, remember to sign up for our group play! In order to participate in group play, your dog must be spayed/neutered and have no pre-existing aggression issues.

There is no evaluation appointment needed as your dog is evaluated the entire first stay, and there is a detailed questionnaire that you, the owner, must fill out upon requesting the group play.

Fees for the extra playtime and services:
$10.00 per service

Health Requirements

We require proof of current DHLPP (Distemper Combination), Bordetella (common name: "Kennel Cough") and Rabies vaccinations no less than three days prior to boarding.
Dogs that have been in any type of pound or rescue are not allowed on site for at least twenty-one days after being home.
PLEASE READ (January 2018):
There has been a dog flu going around.  Many vets are recommending that your dogs get the vaccine. Please listen to your vet and their advice. We have NOT seen anything like that here at the kennel and we’d like to keep it that way. So, if your pooch seems ill, please keep them home. They don’t need to share germs.  PLEASE NOTE: If your dog receives this vaccine, per several of our trusted vets, they are not able to come stay with us or be in general public for at least seven full days after the vaccine has been given. Thank you! 
Bordetella, or “Kennel Cough,” is invisible and air born. “Kennel Cough” is a term used for many contagious upper respiratory viruses that have several different strands, and vaccines have not yet been created for every single one of these strands. Although it's common name is "kennel cough," this upper respiratory virus can be contracted in several different places, including:
  • Commonly Used Walking Paths
  • Or Even A Dog’s Own Back Yard.
  • Dog Parks
  • Kennels
Its incubation period is usually anywhere from two to fourteen days. Please, be aware, and never board your dog if you think your he/she might have been exposed.
Please be sure your dog is free of fleas and ticks prior to staying at our facility. If a dog is brought in with fleas or ticks, for his or her comfort and the comfort of the other dogs, we will bathe him or her. The fee for this service is $25 to $35 depending on the size and coat of the dog.